Next Steps

A next step for you no matter where you are in the journey.

What are Next Steps?

At The Neighbourhood, we are passionate about your development and growth in your faith. Next steps are crucial action points to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. No matter where you're at in the journey, whether you're new to faith, a veteran, or somewhere in the middle, there is a next step for everyone.

What are my options?

Next Step Eats

What is Next Step Eats?

It is exactly what is says, a next step for our new attenders and guests with food! This is a chance for new attenders to discover what we are all about. A meal will be served and we will take time to introduce leadership, discuss our culture, and our beliefs. This is also a great place to discover more ways to connect by serving and joining small groups. If you are new to The Neighbourhood Church please join us after services on Apr 20th and 21st at our Pinehouse Venue (Sat 6pm & Sun 11am in Saskatoon) or our North Point Venue (Sun 5pm in Warman). If you have any questions or would like to sign up, email Pastor Jordan at



What is alpha?

Alpha is a weekly program that runs anywhere from 8-12 weeks. The Alpha Course teaches the fundamental essentials of the Christian faith that everyone agrees on. If you're interested in learning about the Christian faith or are seeking to solidify your faith, this course is for you. Alpha is focused on opening a dialogue between you and your faith, there is no pre-requisite required. You don't even have to believe in God or be a Christian to attend!

Join a Neighbourhood Group

Neighbourhood Groups are smaller groups of people who meet regularly to study the Bible, connect with others, share special interests, support and challenge each other to mature in faith. There are different types of groups so you can find just the right "fit" for that place in your life right now.

Groups meet online, in homes, at church, public places, or wherever there is room! They are the best place to meet people and build relationships at The Neighbourhood Church. In life, we go through real issues that are difficult to bear alone. A real Neighbourhood Group offers a place to share and receive the support to help one another through!

Get Involved

Here at The Neighbourhood, we believe in serving Jesus with our whole hearts and lives. We believe that we are called to serve God and one another. One place that happens is the local church. We are always looking for people to serve God with us! There is a meaningful spot at The Neighbourhood for you. Start serving today. We'll get you plugged in to a place that fits for you!