Wednesday at 8pm

Discover God – Discover Purpose – Discover Community

What is Unedited?

Unedited is an online venue of The Neighbourhood Church in Saskatoon, SK. Our aim is to provide a space and common ground where people can learn more about our city and what is happening here and around the world, as we speak to current events and culture and teach the Scriptures in a way that makes them applicable.

Unedited is a place where people can Discover God – Discover Purpose – Discover Community

We also like to provide opportunities to get involved through serving our city and being a part of local events.

How can I watch Unedited?

Join Pastor Jordan on Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm – You can find us on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to like and follow.

We hope to get to meet you soon – feel free to reach out at: